5 Breakfast Options Fitness Instructors Love

The best way to start your day is the fitness instructor way

Thinkstock / tvirbickis

Fresh fruit smoothies are a great way to repair your muscles after a morning workout.

Sometimes you wonder how they make it through the day. Fitness instructors spend every day teaching, training, and running from class to class — it’s hard to believe they can squeeze in a meal. But eating healthy meals is the only way they can make it through the day and feel energized for class after class.

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If you are working out first thing in the morning, fitness instructor Chelsea File recommends eating something light, such as a piece of fruit, then following the workout with a replenishing meal. A post-workout breakfast could consist of a protein smoothie or an egg white scramble sandwich. File’s go-to is a healthy bar, such as a Larabar, which helps her fuel before running to her next activity.

If you plan to work out later in the day, it would be beneficial to have something filling for breakfast instead of just one piece of fruit. Try baked eggs with spinach and tomato or a Mason jar Greek yogurt parfait — you can save time by filling the jar with Greek yogurt and fresh fruit the night before. This also doubles as a great post-workout snack.

Whatever you decide to consume, be sure to eat within 30 minutes of working out. File says eating right away will keep you from overeating later, when your body is starving. Having snacks in your workout bag, such as unsalted nuts or healthy bars, keeps you satisfied until you can eat a full meal.