The Sorta Weird Diet Habits of Your Favorite Celebrities

Don’t try these at home

You'll never guess what these stars' diets look like. 

Celebrities always have their fashion choices, dating lives, and eating habits scrutinized. Can you blame us for wanting to know what these gorgeous and glam people eat?

The Sorta Weird Diet Habits of Your Favorite Celebrities (Gallery)

Our morbid curiosity doesn’t go unrewarded. Celebrities have some weird and admittedly miserable-sounding habits when it comes to food. From Tom Brady’s TB12 Method to Khloe Kardashian’s fast-track to weight loss, those diets do not sound fun.

For these celebrities, money is usually no object; the sky’s the limit when it comes to their food spending. They can purchase high-quality ingredients or hire a private chef to cater meals to their liking. They also have access to ample professional advice — nutritionists and trainers will jump through hoops for the opportunity to represent a celebrity client.

Some of the advice they receive is a little strange. One celebrity on this list eats clay with her meals. Would you do it for a body like hers?

The effectiveness of these food choices and eating habits is debatable, but it’s hard to deny that these 12 celebrity diets are flat-out insane.


Michael Serrur and Holly Van Hare contributed to this roundup.