Beyoncé Spotted With Cupcakes After SoulCycle

After a social media hiatus, Queen Bey popped up on Twitter bearing tasty treats
cupcakes and beyonce / artisteer / wiki commons / Jingjing Cheng

Celebrities, they’re just like us — even Beyoncé. Although she’s been on a something of a social media hiatus (she hasn’t posted an Instagram photo in nearly month), Queen Bey was recently spotted running errands in West Hollywood, California, after working out at SoulCycle.

She even picked up a little sweet treat.

In photos posted to Twitter by @Bey_Legion, the Lemonade auteur can be seen in workout clothes, oversized sunglasses, black and white Nike high-tops, and a low ponytail. The most important aspect of the photo, though, is the plastic storage container full of cupcakes.

Twitter went wild for the Destiny’s Child alum’s apparent first photo of 2018, because she’s been MIA on the platform since June 2017.

“SHE IS ALIVE,” @reisionce exclaimed.

“She really thought she could hide from us, NOPE,” @nycyonce said.

@agnosticugandan threw up a classic Titanic GIF for good measure.

Some even questioned their New Year’s resolutions.

”If Beyoncé eatin’ cupcakes, I’m eatin’ cupcakes. New resolution,” @msmegane13 wrote.

And others channeled Bella Hadid to convey their thoughts about Bey’s untied shoes.

“Those sneakers. Homegirl is gonna like… get it,” @manel_gif said.

While we’re not sure exactly who those cupcakes are for or who made them, it’s no secret that the Grammy Award-winning vocalist loves a good dessert. For her birthday in September, she indulged in a $3,500 cake that took over two days to make.

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