People Are Making Smoothies Without Any Fruit

No-fruit smoothies are a growing trend. But aren't smoothies supposed to be fruit smoothies? Nowadays, they don't have to be. Health food enthusiasts everywhere are making crazy smoothie combinations that don't involve a single fruity ingredient.

We've heard of adding spinach to smoothies, but adding spinach and leaving out everything else? Seems questionable.

However, the results look pretty appealing. Here are the ingredients they are using.

Instead of using fruit to thicken the sweet drinks, bloggers use various frozen vegetables to bulk up the mixture. Frozen cauliflower, spinach, and zucchini are a few favorites.

For smoothies with a little more bulk, some bloggers are adding sweet potato or squash. "Sweet potato helps with sweetness," Lexie, author of the blog What Da French Toast, told The Daily Meal.

This can come from classic whey or vegan protein powders, collagen, or Greek yogurt.

Almond milk
The milk is added to enhance the smoothie's creaminess.

Nuts and seeds
These add healthy fats and tons of flavor. Nut butter, flax seeds, hemp seeds, and whole almonds are a few popular choices.

Nutrient blends and superfoods
Cacao powder, maca powder, and matcha are popular powdered options for adding a boost of nutrition to these blends.

But are the smoothies any good?

Some think so. McKenzie Stuart, who creates her own healthy recipes on her popular blog, Comfort K, says the taste is great and the smoothies are intensely satisfying.

Brianna, a health enthusiast and blogger from Charlotte, North Carolina, wasn't impressed. "I've tried it with cauliflower," she told The Daily Meal, "but I didn't really like it."

Another blogger, Caitlin Eberly, agrees. "You've got to add some fruit somewhere in there, or it's going to taste like a cold, frozen soup."

We'll let you be the judge. Try out our Mint Chocolate No-Fruit Smoothie Recipe for yourself!