Ayesha Curry on Her Go-To Breakfast, Guilty Pleasure and Why Unicorn Food Should Go Away

The TV host continues to expand her empire with brand partnerships and cookbooks

Ayesha Curry could even grab soup during a photo shoot.

Ayesha Curry is a triple threat — chef, author, and businesswoman — with a knack for healthy cooking and lifestyle and nonstop entrepreneurial endeavors, and she still slays her mommy duties for her daughters, Riley and Ryan. From her bestselling cookbook, The Seasoned Life, to her show Ayesha’s Home Kitchen on The Food Network, Ayesha makes sure her husband, NBA star Stephen Curry, isn’t the only one killin’ the game. The Daily Meal chatted with the San Francisco-based celebrity about her new partnership with souping brand Züpa Noma, her ultimate passion for food, and what’s up next on her super-duper-mom businesswoman agenda.

The Daily Meal: How do you manage to eat healthy while constantly running around as both powerful businesswoman and super-mom?
Ayesha Curry:
Most of the time I forget to eat! But I usually have a hearty breakfast like avocado toast with egg or my Green Smoothie from my book, The Seasoned Life. I try to keep healthy snacks available and ready like Züpa Noma, trail mix, sliced mangos, banana chips, and almonds.

What does food ultimately mean to you in your household? What piqued your interest into food as your main niche?
As far back as I can remember, many of my fondest memories revolved around food. The time I spent in the kitchen with my mother and my grandmother are moments I cherish, and what inspires me to bring my girls into the kitchen to make memories of our own. Knowing what a profound impact that connection has had on my life, it’s devastating that mealtime has lost its importance over the years. Helping to make it easier for families to get back around the table and spend time together is at the center of everything I do professionally, whether it’s on my Food Network Show Ayesha’s Home Kitchen or through my meal kit, Homemade.

What is your all-time favorite food to indulge in when no one's looking?

What are some of your best cooking hacks to save time while still making delicious food efficiently?
I have lots of hacks from buying store-bought cornbread mixes and just elevating the recipe. In my show, Ayesha’s Home Kitchen, I have a hack in every episode!

What is the one kitchen gadget you could simply not live without?
I love my sous-vide machine. It cooks proteins so quickly to the right consistency in no time.

Who are your main sources of inspiration when it comes to cooking?
It all comes from my family background. My mom is Chinese and Jamaican and my dad is Polish and African-American. I also think about what my girls will eat and enjoy!

How do you feel about cooking videos these days that tend to show solely the hands making the food and hiding the face behind the edible masterpiece?
I think they’re great and easy to follow. No one really has the patience to watch a whole video, just watching what they need to know works!

There are constant food trends in the works from trendy avocado toast to boozy Benedicts to extravagant and colorful "unicorn" desserts and drinks — what do you think will be the next major food frenzy (healthy or unhealthy)? What would you hope for it to be?
I’m hoping it would be healthy and filled with veggies, like Züpa Noma! All we’re doing with the “unicorn” craze is putting food dye into everything and into our bodies.

How did you get involved with Züpa Noma initially? What intrigued you about collaborating with them?
At first I was skeptical about the concept. I’d honestly never heard of “souping” before, but when I tried it, I loved it. It’s so great to be able to have something healthy in the refrigerator to just grab-and-go. Being a busy, on-the-go mom, I knew right away that other moms and busy folks would be able to relate, which is what inspired me to get involved. It’s an innovative way to take in your daily veggies.

What is your all-time favorite flavor out of all the soups?
My all-time favorite flavors are the Organic Cucumber Avocado Fennel and Organic Tomato Gazpacho, which you can find in my "Super Glow" bundle available on the website.

In a perfect world, what would you change about our food industry to make it better? What areas do you believe need the most improvement?
I don’t think I would change anything about it. It’s everyone’s creative outlet, and each chef/cook/restaurant has their own way of expressing it.

What’s next on your agenda in regards to collaborations, projects, or perhaps another great cookbook?It’s an innovative way to take in your daily veggies. Well it’s been a super exciting time! I just launched my meal kit service, Homemade, which I am super proud of and has been a real labor of love. I just wrapped the second season of Ayesha’s Home Kitchen which just started airing on Sundays at 12:30 p.m. EST. This fall 2017, I am launching both my flagship restaurant, International Smoke, here in San Francisco and debuting my new cookware collection. I am still in awe of it all and just so blessed to be able to continue to inspire people to love food!


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