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Pizza Hut
While Pizza Hut might be the country's largest pizza chain, it isn't the country's best.

Late last year, we asked our readers to vote for their favorite pizza chain, out of a list of 100 throughout the country. From the smaller guys like Jet’s Pizza and Hungry Howie’s to the big guns like Domino’s and Pizza Hut, just about every pizzeria that would consider itself a chain (even a few with less than 10 locations) made their way into the survey. Close to 1,000 people voted for their favorites, and in the end one surprising chain found its way to the top.

America's 25 Best Pizza Chains (Slideshow)

Pizza is one of the most widely eaten foods in the country, and it’s easy to see why. It’s bread, cheese, and sauce — what’s not to like? But as you might know from that time you tried to make a pizza with a slice of Wonder Bread, American cheese, and ketchup when you were a kid, it’s not as easy as it looks to make a great pizza. Not only are these chains turning out good pizza, they’ve got it down to a science. 

Some chains pride themselves on still making each pie by hand, 100 percent of the time. Others turn out a vast quantity of pizzas daily with the help of high-tech machinery. But at the end of the day, what they serve is still pizza, and according to our voters, it’s delicious.

So what exactly did our voters look for when determining what their favorites were? We asked them to vote not just for ones they’ve been to, but for ones they truly respect. They were told to take into account the freshness of the product, service, convenience, menu diversity, deliciousness of the product, and overall experience. Some voted based on a loyalty to local chains and others preferred the big guys. But in the end, the people have spoken, and we have ourselves a winner. And it might not be one that you were expecting.

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The jackasses couldn't come up with 100 pizza places so they had to add papa johns, chuck e cheese, etc. embarrassing. Why not put on tombstone and a few other frozen pizzas...


If you happen to be in Dayton, OH, your best bet is Marion's. Greatest thin crust pizza I've ever had. Unfortunately, they have no locations anywhere else. On the other hand, if you pass through Sarasota or Venice, FL, try Il Panificio. But invite some friends, because the only size they have is large.


If you like think crust, I'd recommend Marion's. Unfortunately, they're only in Dayton, OH.


Why didn't you list Lou Malnatis?


The fact that you put Cici's, Chucky Cheese and Little Caesar's above Marco's and Giordano's tells me this article is illegitimate.


If the pie pictured with the write up of Shakey's is theirs, the writers of this article are not to be trusted. CANNED SLICED OLIVES?


You left out Casey's General Store pizza which beats all of these chain pizza by a long shot.


You gotta be kidding. A Casey's opened up in my neighborhood a few months ago. Pizza is awful. Dry, flavorless crust. Yuk.


Well, I categorized and rated the ones I know - and you can see them all here:

Mark Meek's picture

Howards Pizza of Great Falls, Mt should be on this list, obviously youve never had it, its very possibly the best pizza in america

dmmmt's picture

really people, some of those pizza places should not even be consider edible food! Chuck E cheese, CiCi's, Little Caesar's. apparently the people ask have NO taste in pizza or food for that matter!

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