The 20 Healthiest Foods You Can Buy At Trader Joe's

Healthy eating can get expensive — we know this all too well. Health food products are often crazy pricey, and when you're cooking with gluten-free, vegan, or dairy-free alternatives, things get marked up even more.

This is why Trader Joe's is every health enthusiast's dream come true. They carry all kinds of products, produce, and staples for prices far lower than their overpriced (cough, cough, Whole Foods) competitors.

Find the healthiest foods you can buy at Trader Joe's here.

The best part? They're always coming up with new and interesting products, predicting the dietary needs of millennials before they even knew what they needed. Maybe this is the reason why the line is always stretching out the door.

Some of their products seem healthy, like their Avocado Citrus Whole Milk Greek Yogurt, but actually are infused with sugar, fats, and enough buzz words to have you blindsided and completely fooled. However, they also have a ton of genuine nutritional gems hiding in their aisles. Here are some of our favorites.