These Foods Can Mess With Your Medication

Some substances you just shouldn’t mix

Certain foods can change the way a medication is absorbed or the way that it works.

Most foods can be safely eaten with medications. In almost every case, maintaining a healthy and varied diet is best to support your overall health, whether or not any medication is involved. But some drugs — specifically those that are ingested — can be impacted by the presence of certain foods and drinks.

These Foods Can Mess With Your Medication Gallery

These interferences could be minor. Some foods might impact the way a medicine is absorbed, for example. But many of these food and drug interactions are serious. Certain medications could have dangerous and even life-threatening side effects if they are paired with the wrong foods. Other medications might not be absorbed at all if certain compounds found in food are involved, putting the person prescribed in danger as a result.


You should always ask your doctor about precautions you should take while being prescribed any new medication. Avoiding certain foods, altering your lifestyle habits, or taking other precautions might be necessary to avoid undesirable side effects. But it couldn’t hurt to know which foods might have an effect beforehand. These are some of the more common food and drug interactions you should be aware of.