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Don't Let These Salad Bar Ingredients Fool You: They're Just Not Healthy

‘It’s a salad so it’s good for me, right?’ Couldn’t be more wrong!

While some people pass on salad when they go out to dinner, disdaining it as "rabbit food," others are adamant proponents of what salad has to offer. Salads can be enjoyed year round — in fact, we have a great list of 50 Salad Recipes for All Seasons. They’re generally considered a healthy option, and when you’re making your own you can make them incredibly nutritious. When you’re dining out, though, you usually don’t have too much control over what goes into your salad. The one exception comes in the form of the nearly mythically praised salad bar.

Click here to see Don't Let These Salad Bar Ingredients Fool You: They're Just Not Healthy.

For those who don’t consider salad fodder for rabbits, salad bars are a great way to control what goes into your appetizer course. You can do your best to make the ultimate Cobb salad, or you can just get an entire plate of sliced cucumbers and go to town on them. The possibilities aren’t endless, but they’re vast, and they can quickly become vastly unhealthy.

From pointless salad ingredients that render a healthy dish unnecessarily fatty or sugary to salad dressings that are so far from healthy that it’s almost laughable, every dip of the tong or ladle into a salad bar tray is potentially dangerous. Don’t step on a dietary land mine when you’re enjoying the salad bar with family or friends. Let us tell you which diet-ruining foods to avoid the next time you’re standing above the sneeze guard, cold plate in one hand and shining tongs in the other.

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