GMO Corn Is Slowly Killing Everyone, Study Suggests

Apparently, feeding rats only genetically modified food was giving them tumors and all sorts of bad things

Right as a California initiative to label all genetically modified foods is stirring up some controversy, a study published on Wednesday links genetically modified corn with cancer symptoms.

Researchers at the University of Caen fed rats a lifetime diet of Monsanto's genetically modified corn, which was made resistant to the weed killer Roundup, and found that the rats eventually developed tumors and multiple organ damage.

In fact, rats on the genetically modified diet specifically suffered from mammary tumors, plus liver and kidney damage. Of this group, 50 percent of males and 70 percent of females died prematurely. In the control group, however, only 30 percent of males and 20 percent of females died prematurely.

So naturally, we're thinking we should avoid genetically modified foods from now on because we really like our mammary glands and all. But New Scientist examined the study and found some reasons why we should doubt it. The strain of rats used, they point out, usually gets breast tumors easily. Five of the control rats (25 percent), also got tumors and died, while 60 percent in "some test groups" suffered the same. "Some other test groups, however, were healthier than the controls," the article says.

Furthermore, the researchers refused to allow journalists to get outside comments on the paper before publication. And while this was the first study focusing on the rats' entire lifespan, most studies cap off at two years, which is, you know, kind of as long as rats live.

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Alva Irish's picture

Oh, one more thing, The Obesity rate started going up the same time GMO foods came on the market. our bodies are surrounding the alien foods with fat first then tumors.
Dr. Alva Irish

Alva Irish's picture

I am a Board Certified Homeopath and Naturopath.
Out of all cancer clients coming to me, ALL have been eating GMO corn. ALL allergy clients and IBS (Lower bowel syndrome) clients as well. We, including our animals were genetically grown by nature to eat the corn that grows naturally.
Our bodies and our animal's bodies are not programmed to eat Genetically modified corn and other GMO foods.
Our bodies and theirs reject it and surround it with tumors.
It is a death sentence to us all, the gift from Monsanto that never stops giving. :( DO NOT FEED OR EAT GMO FOODS!!!!!
Dr. Alva Irish

nogmo's picture

my son... dad... i found a web site that tells what food has gmo... o great... can you make me a copy... maybe we can post it out side a store... since they don't want to label it... dad... i made a copy... its over 30 pages... WHAT... maybe thats why they don't want to label it... its in all the cereals... its in all the must be the corn syrup... its in all the foods we eat.... we live in Hawaii... #1 in growing GMO... we are the rats... HELP


Convinced a Monsanto employee wrote this by the time I got to the end. So much for unbiased reporting. Is a monsanto web site?

sjakelsky's picture

This article should be on the front page of every newspaper, radio and talk shows on TV. Every Amrican Citizen should be informed. I should say all
people, citizen or not, all should be informed. I'm sure this PRODUCT is not on the dinner table of the people that created this substance. Our government and government agencies FDA are not doing their job!!!!

1tenthAngel's picture

This type of food bothers me, it looks good but the flavor is flat. I wish that they would leave nature alone.

elbori's picture

this is not food its poison,we should be aware of what we are eating. this type of "food" is causing sickness. thewho created gmo should be prosecuted for crimes angainst humanity. nazis is the way i describe these people.

Be informed's picture

Let's see. Fed a diet of modified corn their entire life and had tumors. Had no outside review. Seems like a valid study to me.

bullwinkle12's picture

In a word abbreviation; BS! You think food, corn in this case pumped full of chemicals is as good as natural; of course the rats got cancers; and people will too-not matter what nonsensical psuedo-facts you put to back yourselves up. IS EVERYONE on Monsanto's payroll?


I agree with paint the clouds 100%. I was ready to applaud your article until you did a 180 and explained away the concerns for our food safety. You may think you were giving both sides of the story, but your stepford wife attitude only shows you did absolutely zero research before you wrote your piece. Are you aware that there are reports that Monsantos own empoyees refuse to be served GMO food in their cafeterias? Are you aware that there are reports from farmers who say that some of their livestock will not even eat this stuff? There are some countries who are smart enough not to allow these products any more due to independant research. Did you know that farmers who plant these products are asked to plant non GMO areas for the honey bees as it is killing them off? Have you even considered how cancer rates have exploded over the last 10 - 20 years and how that coincides with the amount of time these products have been in use? Your article would indicate that you are uninformed at best or just don't care at worse. At the very least, we as consumers should have the right to know what ingredients food contains so we can make our own informed choices concerning what we consume.


Really. Are you serious? What a flip tone - "We really like our mammary glands and all". I had a mastectomy two years ago at the age of 41. Yeah, I'd like to have that one back! And honestly - "Some of the rats in the control group developed tumors anyway". Oh, okay, so let's apply this to people. The cancer rate in one neighborhood might be result in a 50-70 percent death rate before a certain age , whereas 20 and 30% in a different town die. Does this not indicate that some crap they've been exposed to is a problem?! Would you move your family into that neighborhood by choice? And most importantly, wouldn't you like to at least KNOW about it?
And tumors aside - they also developed multiple organ failure at a much much higher rate than the test groups - or are we supposed to ignore that also?
What it comes down to is corporate greed - they don't want this stuff labeled because they claim there is "no difference". Yet apparently it is so vastly different that it requires a PATENT! How can you graft a pesticide directly into the genetic makeup of the cell and pretend it is the same? And isn't it coincidental that Monsanto developed this corn to be resistant to their own weed killer Round Up? Double bonus for them - sell the corn to the farmers; sell more weed killer to farmers. "But it really doesn't matter; rats only live two years anyway. "

Concerned Mom's picture

AMEN!! Let's serve them this modified corn for dinner and see who clears their plate.

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