best breakfast job interview

The 15 Best Breakfast Foods to Help You Ace a Job Interview

Forget the coffee and opt for one of these energy-boosting foods
best breakfast job interview

Foods can be just as energizing as a cup of coffee.

Interviews are seriously stressful. You’re going to want to eat the right breakfast to set yourself up for success. Success could land you your dream job; failure forces you to continue searching for employment. Feel the pressure yet?

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You can prepare all you want — reviewing potential questions, working on your handshake grip, planning the proper outfit — but all of this preparation can be futile if you don’t have a proper breakfast.

Breakfast is hailed as the most important meal of the day (despite a couple of reports saying otherwise). It jump-starts your metabolism and provides the energy necessary to get you through a long day.

When considering which foods to eat for breakfast before an interview, a few factors need to be taken into account: You need a steady stream of energy, heightened focus, strong memory retention, and sweet-smelling breath. (Maybe save the garlic bagel for another day.)

A couple cups of coffee might keep you awake temporarily, but there are some drawbacks to guzzling caffeine before your big day. For one, coffee is a diuretic, meaning it will likely lead to frequent trips to the restroom. Plus, the crash from the caffeine could happen at an inopportune moment.

Instead, before a job interview you should be relying on foods that will lower anxiety, like asparagus; provide sustainable energy, like apples and almond butter; and improve memory retention, like smoked salmon. Here are your smartest options for the breakfast to prepare you for your interview.


Michael Serrur and Holly Van Hare contributed to this story.