8 Ways To Replace Sugar With Raw Honey

Even though honey is just regurgitated flower nectar from honeybees, it's an incredibly nutrient-rich and healthful ingredient that can — and probably should — be incorporated into any diet in place of refined sugars. Honey's benefits have been documented for centuries, but now there is scientific evidence proving its healing powers.  

One study showed that the inherent antimicrobial properties in honey hinder the growth of dangerous microbes. Other published research showed that honey can be useful for ailments such as acid reflux and heart burn, infections, burns, and colds.

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Unfortunately, not all honey is created equal. Most honey found at the local grocery store or supermarket has undergone high temperature pasteurization in order to create a smooth texture, delay crystallization, and eliminate impurities. The heating process may be necessary to eliminate any harmful bacteria within mass-produced honey, but it also destroys any beneficial enzymes that give the honey its tremendous health properties. When shopping, you should look at the label and make sure you're getting "unfiltered raw"  honey.

Though raw honey is tasty enough to be eaten on its own by the spoonful, here are some other ways to incorporate this natural sweetener into your diet in place of refined sugars.