8 Healthy Recipes That You Can Make with 5 Ingredients or Less

You’ll be amazed at what you can craft with just five ingredients

Thinkstock / anamaria63

You only need one ingredient for this delicious banana ice cream.

Time is always of the essence, but your health should be the top priority. We all know that home-cooked food is generally better for you, but if you are new to healthy eating, it may seem intimidating to try new recipes with unfamiliar ingredients. The good news is that healthy recipes do not have to be extravagant — in fact, some only require one or two ingredients. Simplicity and flavor are key when crafting your meals, and all you need is a few ingredients to satisfy your palate.

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Starting your day with a high-protein breakfast is very important, but only if you are getting it from a healthy source. This scrambled eggs with spinach and tomato recipe is quick and easy, and it features flavors you will enjoy. If you don’t love eggs, try avocado toast topped with chia seeds, kale, and fresh lemon juice.

For lunch, you can create a festive salad with five ingredients or less. This spinach and goat cheese salad is full of fresh greens, sweet cranberries, and crunchy walnuts to give you a flavorful burst in your afternoon. If you are looking for something post lunch, try making your own healthy snack, or create your own trail mix to hold you over until the evening.

For dinner, you won’t believe what you can make with just five ingredients. For the main course, try ceviche, which combines sashimi, avocados, cucumber, and cilantro. For a sweet and tangy side dish, make this pineapple-cucumber salad, which is both refreshing and hydrating. We also love this citrusy fennel and tangerine salad — it pairs perfectly with any dish.

Now for the most important part: dessert. The one-ingredient banana ice cream will have you blending your bananas all the time. Just make sure to peel them before you freeze them!

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