Four-Grain Waffle


14 Easy and Delicious Brunch Dishes That Are Actually Good for You

No need to be bashful about your brunch obsession
Four-Grain Waffle


A good waffle — crispy on the outside, but fluffy on the inside — can make or a break a brunch.

Brunch is no ordinary meal; it’s a bizarre mismatch of cuisines and dining norms that permits diners to get blitzed off tomato juice and vodka while devouring grilled coconut-rum French toast all before noon.

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But this strange weekend meal of booze, omelettes, and waffles doesn’t have to be an over-indulgent calorie conundrum. Creating brunch at your home can be a delicious and elegant affair as long as you prepare the right foods. Skip the over-the-top waffles, butter-laden hollandaise sauce, slices of Canadian bacon, and deep-fried hash browns, and opt for some lighter fare instead.

These 14 brunch dishes are simple to make, easy to eat, and offer a serious pop of flavor, but best of all, these meals aren’t loaded with calories and saturated fat. Yet what they lack in butter, sugar, and oil they make up for in taste and ingenuity by utilizing healthy ingredients like avocado (for avocado fries), quinoa (for breakfast quinoa muffins), and even tofu (for eggless tofu salad).


So skip all the calorie-laden mimosas and poorly thrown-together Benedicts: Here are the 14 easy and delicious brunch dishes that are actually good for you.