Get Creative with Amoretti’s Gourmet Icings

Take your pastry decorations to a new decadent level

Lookout for Amoretti's Gourmet Icings at Williams-Sonoma this November!

With the holidays right around the corner, there is so much to being prepping. Your to-do lists seems to increasingly continue to grow. 

After all, you have gifts to shop for, groceries to buy and holiday dinners and parties to plan… and making it look effortless isn’t easy.
Of Course, every holiday treat needs a little something special, and there’s no better way than to show your holiday spirit than to use Amoretti’s Gourmet Icings.

Available at Williams-Sonoma this November, these icings will put you and your loved ones in the creative and festive mood for the holidays.

Amoretti’s Gourmet Icings are the perfect tool for the “at-home culinary connoisseur with an arsenal of never-ending ideas.” You can use this icing in three ways: spread, piped, or whipped. With options available like buttercream, ganache, cream cheese, or whipping cream you can transform your Boring holiday treats into something decadent and decorative.

You can choose from an array of flavors at Williams-Sonoma. Start with the traditional chocolate fudge or vanilla white icing. Then when the  holidays really get underway, you can try the the lemon, orange creamm, salted caramel, or strawberry!  

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Try using them to glam up holiday treats like beignets, truffles, cream puffs, or even pastry shells, to add a hint of elegant flavor. You can even heat them up so they soften as a glaze for bundt cakes, cake pops, cinnamon rolls, doughnuts, or waffles.