# Millennials

New analysis from Morgan Stanley has shown that beer consumption among young people is weakening
The Corner by McCafé, formerly a standard McCafé, has just opened in Sydney, Australia
Expense reports show that business travelers most often turn to Starbucks for the reliable menu and Wifi
A major beverage brand’s sleek new artisanal cola looks to be aimed squarely at millennials
Denny’s hopes to create a viral social media campaign with its newest, millennial-oriented web series
The Birds Eye campaign targets diners with a certain penchant for food photography
Ronald McDonald isn't going anywhere, and he'll be taking selfies to prove it
Maxwell House hopes to appeal to the millennial market with a new look and more product options.
Oscar Mayer has introduced an expansion of its 'Deli Fresh' cold cut line
The Millennials Tastemakers will engage with the brand over social media and weigh in on upcoming projects and menu items from McDonald's.