Millennials Would Rather Drink At Home Because They're Lazy, Survey Shows

In case you needed something new to hate on millennials for, here it is: They're apparently too lazy to go to bars. But that doesn't stop them from drinking. According to a survey conducted by market research firm Mintel, millennials prefer drinking at home more than other generations.

Nearly 30 percent of younger millennials (aged 24 to 31) reported that they prefer drinking at home because going out takes "too much effort." On the other hand, just 15 percent of the baby boomers who responded claimed the same.

This seems to be part of a greater trend of living life from the comfort of the couch. Millennials can order groceries from home, get restaurant food delivered, and even date from home thanks to apps like Tinder. Why not drink at home, too?

But some millennial-haters got snarky on Twitter, accusing the generation of "ruining everything."



The actual millennials replying on Twitter told a different story. It seems that from their perspective, the choice to stay home has a lot less to do with laziness and a lot more to do with money. Millennials are broke. Alcohol is expensive.



Millennials can also do math. By drinking at home, millennials actually get to drink more booze for less money and, as one wise Twitter user put it, "take my pants off judgement free."


Though they don't seem to mind spending on avocado toast...

But millennials aren't the only ones who'd rather get drunk on the couch than a dance floor. Of everyone surveyed, 55 percent preferred drinking at home to going out to do the same. And overall, there was a significant decrease in alcohol consumption at venues such as nightclubs, sports bars, and cocktail bars.

Of the smaller portion of people who have been drinking away from home more often, 30 percent of them said it was because they had more money to spare. And 69 percent of at-home drinkers said it was appealing because it was cheaper.

Money wasn't the only thing convincing people not to leave the house. Seventy-four percent said drinking at home was more relaxing and 38 percent claimed it helped them to control their alcohol intake.

In previous studies, millennials have actually been shown to drink less alcohol than previous generations. Lazy or not, millennials might just be onto something; their drinking habits could be one of the ways this generation is healthier than their parents.