Take Out A Mortgage, Get Free Avocado Toast For A Month

Millennials can finally buy homes and still eat avocado toast, thanks to a mortgage company that is offering a month of free avocado toast to ayone who takes out a new mortgage.


According to Global News, an online finance company called SoFi says that anyone who takes out a new mortgage with them in the month of July will be getting a full month of free avocado toast. It's a funny joke, but also a real promotion. The company really will be sending boxes of avocados and bread to new homeowners who finance mortgages through SoFi.


This is a cheeky response to Australian millionaire Tim Gurner's famous claim that millennials weren't buying real estate because they're spending too much money on avocado toast.


"When I was trying to buy my first home, I wasn't buying smashed avocado for $19 and four coffees at $4 each," he told 60 Minutes Australia back in May.


Gurner famously bought his first business with the help of a $34,000 gift from his grandfather.


The Internet had a field day mocking Gurner's claim that avocado toast was responsible for millennials not buying houses, and chef Paul Cao even made a $100 slice of avocado toast as a joke and political statement.


Now SoFi has joined the fun, and says they'll send boxes of avocados and bread so their customers can have houses and avocado toast. The avocados and bread will arrive in three shipments so they stay fresh, and customers can specify what kind of bread they want with their mortgage.


Any new homeowners should check out our best avocado toast recipes for some good ways to prepare it.