Millennials Are The Worst Tippers In The US, Survey Reveals

Millennials can't ever get a break. Housing prices are out of reach for many of them, student loans are like millstones around their necks, one-third of them don't know what a butter knife is, and now they're being dubbed as terrible at tipping. Adults age 18 to 37 are much less willing to tip and are stingier when they do, according to a new survey by

The study was conducted in May, and consisted of 1,000 interviews of Americans 28 and older. It doesn't offer great news for waitstaff the nation over. Millennials are the group most likely to stiff servers, with 10 percent saying they "routinely leave no tip," and nearly one-third saying they leave less than a 15 percent tip. When given preselected tip options on a receipt, one in six regularly choose the lowest option, and nearly one in five leave nothing.

This young generation would like to see some changes in the way America handles tipping, as many would appreciate a more European approach to dining out. About 27 percent of millennials say they would rather pay higher restaurant prices that include the service charge, thus doing away with tipping entirely.

"Tipping at sit-down restaurants has always been the standard in the U.S., but that's not necessarily the case in other countries," senior industry analyst Matt Schulz said in a statement. "We're seeing younger adults tipping less, and even showing a greater preference toward eliminating tipping altogether, even if it means paying more on the bill."

If you're reliant on tips, the survey results suggest you want to serve older Americans and women. Nearly 55 percent of those aged 65 and up said they tip 20 percent or more, and the median tip from women is 20 percent, compared to 16 percent from men. And whether or not you're a millennial, it wouldn't hurt to brush up on some dining tips to not disturb your server.