# Maine

Seven pounds of chanterelle mushrooms were gathered for the dinner.

How many of these New England terms do you know?
The backs of Maine’s food-stamp cards have a phone number that erroneously directs callers to a sex chat line
Governor Paul LePage claims the White House lets powerful food groups take advantage of food stamp system
A two-year, $6.7 billion budget plan contains modest property and income tax cuts, but sales tax on more foods
A new report from Smart Asset says that the best cities for beer in America are also rainy and cold, like both Portlands
Continuing the tradition he started in 2010, the unnamed man plans to give out $20,000 to unsuspecting recipients
Maine is attempting to cut back on food stamp costs and fraud by implementing limitations to the SNAP program
The Cellardoor Winery hosts a two-day international Relais & Châteaux Event in Lincolnville, Maine.
This diner owner apparently never learned that if you have nothing nice to say, don’t say anything at all