Tractor Trailer Full Of French Fries Crashes On Interstate In Maine

A tractor trailer carrying a load of French fries to Florida rolled over and crashed on an interstate in Maine. The driver was reportedly "blinded by the setting sun" while driving down Interstate 95 in Pittsfield and forced his truck into a ditch to avoid hitting the vehicle in front of him.

His trailer rolled, but no one was harmed in the accident.

According to the Bangor Daily News, no French fries were spilled in the accident, but Twitter users remain optimistic that they still might be able to get their hands on some of America's favorite fried food.

Of course, if they had spilled, they would have been quickly covered in diesel fuel, though the Pittsfield Fire Department was able to control the leak. No word on whether or not the truck was carrying any of America's 30 best French fries.