Fourchu Lobster, Exclusively From the International Culinary Center

The International Culinary Center is bringing Fourchu lobster to several restaurants in New York City

Fourchu lobsters

Beginning June 1, The International Culinary Center is exclusively making Fourchu lobster available to New Yorkers.

L’Ecole, the restaurant of The International Culinary Center in SoHo, will be offering Fourchu lobster daily. The lobsters will also be featured for special holidays such as National Lobster Day and the Fourth of July. 

Fourchu lobsters are found in the coastal waters of the small town of Fourchu on Nova Scotia’s Cap Breton Island. The rarity of the lobsters have been compared to Wagyu beef and jamón Iberico. 

Dorothy Cann Hamilton, CEO and founder of The International Culinary Center, was largely responsible for making these lobsters from her family’s home land available to New York. 

"Fourchus are a very complex and flavorful luxury," Hamilton said, "and, without a question, the very best lobsters in the world. I am proud to be working hand-in-hand with local fisherman, who catch these lobsters safely and sustainably, to bring this exciting opportunity to New York."

FCI Catering & Events will be the exclusive caterer of the Fouchus for private events. Blue Hill New York and Blue Hill at Stone Barns, Daniel, Gamercy Tavern, ABC Kitchen, Spotted Pig, Salumeria Rosi Parmacotta, Corton, Oceana Restaurant, North End Grill, and John Dory Oyster Bar will be serving the lobster throughout the summer. 

 "We are very grateful to Dorothy Cann Hamilton and The International Culinary Center in helping us bring Fourchu lobsters to our restaurants this summer," said Dan Barber, executive chef and co-owner of Blue Hill New York and Blue Hill at Stone Barns. "We are known for our commitment to bringing the very best ingredients to our diners; this is a great opportunity to showcase such an exquisite specimen."