Poll: Which Boozy Brunch Cocktail Is Perfect For You?

Brunch is a weekend favorite. Whether you're hosting a boozy brunch for friends or visiting one of your favorite restaurants, the cocktail you order says so much about you.

The bloody mary says you've had a long night, and what better way to beat a hangover than by feeding it with more alcohol? Sangria signifies that you're relishing summer with a seasonal classic. A bellini implies that you're classy — you probably think it's a little too early for alcohol, but this is a special occasion, so you'll participate. A screwdriver is the sure sign of a partier: it's the best way to jumpstart your boozy weekend. Irish coffee says you're embarrassed to drink so early in the morning, but guess what? No one is buying that that's just coffee in your mug — so grab a cocktail, because it's the brunch bunch and no one judges. A sidecar suggests that you're a borderline boozehound, because it takes a serious drinker to be able to consume whiskey or cognac as their first sip of the day.

Brunch is just not brunch without a cocktail. Which cocktail is perfect for you?