'The Walking Dead' Cast’s Favorite Food Is Indian

Though zombies prefer eating human flesh, the cast prefers to eat real food

After a full day on set of killing flesh-eating zombies, you would think that the cast of The Walking Dead wouldn’t be hungry. After all, the cult favorite AMC series actors spend all day looking at rotting and half-eaten faces. However, long battle scenes in heavy makeup and working with fake blood and guts really seems to help these actors build up an appetite. The Daily Meal has discovered that when the cast gets hungry, their favorite thing to eat is Indian food.


“Andy [Andrew Lincoln], Norman [Reedus], and I go out for Indian food a lot,” Executive Producer and Director Greg Nicotero revealed during a press conference for The Walking Dead at Comic Con. As for Reedus, who plays heartthrob "Daryl Dixon," he’s a bit too exhausted to cook when's at home. “I’m so tired, I have to go right to bed.” he said. “Then I wake up, and the sheets are covered with dirt and blood!”


The actor revealed that he has recently had several sleepless nights since a neighborhood crow has started “attacking” his house. “Every day since May you can hear him. I even bought these ceramic owls to scare him away, but they haven’t worked—now they are just covered in crow poo.” Quipped co-star Jeffrey Dean Morgan who plays the terrifyingly charming villain "Negan," “He’s gonna cook it!”


While eating a crow is definitely something character's on The Walking Dead  should have to do, we think Reedus should join Nicotero and Lincoln for lunch. The show is filmed in Georgia, which is home to many wonderful Indian and other restaurants. If he's really too exhausted, he could always grab a bowl of the show's now infamous, "sardine mac and cheese."


As for Morgan, he's hoping his character will be more than just the bad guy this season. “We’re going to see a new side of Negan quickly,” Morgan divulged. “A lot of him trying not to go crazy being in the situation he’s in. I think there’s redemption for Negan.”


During their panel, fans were also saddened to recieve confirmation that Andrew Lincoln, who plays "Rick Grimes," is leaving the series after nine seasons.“I'm particularly fond of the people who watch the show -- you people," he told the audience. "This has been the most extraordinary, amazing and beautiful experience of my career and made largely because of you guys and the relationship we have, here, with you."


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— Reporting by Susan Hornik in L.A.