Tips for Throwing an Award-Winning Oscars Party

Champagne, camera flashes, and themed cocktails: the recipe for the ultimate Oscars Party

Photo Modified: Flickr / Prayitno / CC BY 4.0

Just because you didn’t get an invite doesn’t mean you shouldn’t celebrate Hollywood’s most glamorous evening.

Roll out that red carpet and put that Champagne on ice: It’s time for your annual Oscars party. If you missed out on an invitation to the real deal again this year, we’re here to help you party like the stars from the comfort of your own home.

The first thing to set straight is the lack of Hollywood A-listers coming to your party. Thankfully, there’s one simple way to fix this: Turn your party into a costume party. Ask your guests to come dressed as their favorite Oscar-nominated star, and you’ll find yourself hosting Leonardo DiCaprio, Eddie Redmayne, Cate Blanchett, and Jennifer Lawrence in your own living room.

If this really is going to be an award-winning party, then there needs to be some awards. Present an award to the most convincing outfit of the night, and make sure you have a prize to hand over to them; whether it’s a replica of an Oscars statue, a bottle of Champagne, or a box of chocolates, any award will do. Don’t let the winner get away without making an acceptance speech.

We all know that the main focus of the evening is on the celebrities’ arrival at the Oscars: The first glimpse of that dress, those shoes, and that hairstyle is what we discuss for weeks afterward. Put your guests in the spotlight and imitate the infinite flashes of the paparazzi’s cameras with a Polaroid camera: Posing like a star on the red carpet has never not been fun.

A flute of chilled Champagne should be ready to be handed to your guests as soon as they’re done with the paparazzi treatment. If you want to branch away from the simple staple, try the celebrity favorite’s Old Hollywood Cocktail. Don’t worry, it still has bubbles. Sipping on something sparkling will get the party off to a suitably decadent start.

No Oscars party should involve sitting down at a table and digging into a comforting casserole while you watch the celebrities strike a pose on the red carpet. Tonight is the night to party like the stars, and dine on cocktails and endless canapés. The real celebrities will be dining on bite-size canapés of lobster, caviar, and truffled polenta, but we recommend you choose some slightly more affordable snacks, such as sushi rolls, a range of crostini, bacon-wrapped dates, blini with smoked salmon, and fancy cheese straws. Finger-food that can be eaten elegantly is the only requirement.

Cocktails should be on hand all night long, and Oscars night is the perfect excuse to branch out of your normal cocktail repertoire to some movie-themed drinks. Since you’re not going to have a personal bartender on hand, we recommend you have a couple of options pre-prepared so your guests can help themselves throughout the night. For some Oscar-nominee cocktail inspiration, try this fruity Apple of My Eye recipe to celebrate Michael Fassbender’s role in Steve Jobs, or stay with drinking bubbles and enjoy this Zero Gravity cocktail, named after Matt Damon’s roll in The Martian.

Desserts should also be elegant and small. Perhaps some chocolate truffles, and some sweet popcorn — what’s a movie night without a bucket of buttery popcorn?


For a final party flourish, we love celebrity caterer Mary Giuliani’s idea of sending your celebrity guests home with party favors. Put together a little bag containing a handmade Oscar figurine cookie, coconut water, and aspirin: You’ll receive so many appreciative messages from your guests who will be feeling far from glamorous when they wake up on Monday morning.