Post Malone's Postmates Orders Are Our Drunk Food Fantasy

Austin Richard Post, or as he's professionally known, Post Malone, has long presented himself as a man of the people. Despite performing all over the world, having number one songs on the radio and possessing quite a few facial tattoos, he's a regular guy. Post watches "The Office," loves Olive Garden and even orders from Postmates.

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The 23-year-old rapper-slash-singer is verifiably one of Postmates' best customers. (We know: You're shocked that you aren't at the top after ordering the same bagel sandwich and coffee combo from your couch every weekend.) According to the delivery service, he's ordered nearly 3,000 items on more than 660 orders in 52 different cities across America and spent over $40,000. Recently, the "Jackie Chan" singer shared his favorite Postmates orders, and they're our drunk food dream.

Some of Post's favorite places to order from are fast food staples like Burger King, Chick-fil-A and Popeyes, where he orders six biscuits, two five-piece tenders dinners, and a quarter-pound popcorn shrimp dinner. When he orders from Chick-fil-A, he asks for the "largest nugget tray they have," which is definitely something we've done after a work happy hour gone wild.

For his Panda Express order, Post wants "SOOOO much teriyaki sauce on the side please! And lots of soy sauce!" And because he's not afraid to party like a rock star, to wash it all down, he Postmates three bottles of Champagne from Los Angeles supermarket chain Ralphs. But because he doesn't always want to feel like he's been partying like a rock star, he also asks for three bottles of grape Pedialyte — got to hydrate if you're going to beat that hangover!

Some other goodies Post likes to have delivered are a small chocolate and vanilla ice cream sheet cake from Carvel, chicken tenders, fries, and mozzarella sticks from a restaurant called Big Daddy's, melatonin (because who can sleep after all this fried food?) and garlic bread.

While we love how much he loves Postmates, it's too bad that Post doesn't go to Ralphs to pick up his melatonin and Pedialyte himself. It would have become one of the 35 places in LA where you're likely to spot a celebrity!