8 Great Garlic Bread Recipes (Slideshow)

Celebrate National Garlic Day with one of these recipes

Amazing Garlic Buns Recipe


Try making some garlic buns instead of the traditional sliced bread.

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Irresistible Cheesy Pesto Bread


This cheesy bread is full of fresh pesto.

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Cheesy Garlic Bread Recipe


This traditional garlic bread is packed full of flavor.

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Easy Cheesy Garlic Bread Recipe


For a quick side, try serving this easy and cheesy garlic bread.

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Healthy Garlic Bread Recipe


This delicious and simple garlic bread recipe is delicious and isn't too much of an indulgence!

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Great Garlic Bread Recipe


This garlic bread is the perfect side to a bowl of pasta.

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Pesto Garlic Bread Recipe


Dab a bit of garlic pesto on each bread slice for a quick garlic bread.

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Spinach Cheese Bread


Spinach is a healthy addition to garlic bread.

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