Morrissey's Hollywood Bowl Show Will Feature Only Vegetarian Food Options

LA show dome The Hollywood Bowl, has announced that for the duration of Morrissey's upcoming shows, venue food vendors will be meat-free in honor of the vegan singer. This is a first ever for the Hollywood Bowl, which will have Morrissey on-stage Friday, November 10, and Saturday, November 11. However it is hardly the first time the U.K.-born lyricist has asked for his venues to be veggie-compliant.

Morrissey previously asked LA's Staples Center to go meatless, but the venue only agreed to offer more meat-free options. Although New York's Madison Square Garden initially agreed to keep their gen-pop meat-free, they hedged when it came to serving corporate clients and expensive ticket holders' meaty meals.

The "Meat is Murder" singer even faced major backlash for his all veggie-requests at Riot Fest in Chicago. After requesting that vendors not sell meat, Chicago food retailer Puffs of Doom protested the no-meat ban by selling a sandwich called the "Pork Morrissey."

The Hollywood Bowl's food vendor menus will feature vegetarian (not vegan), options such as falafel burgers, potato tacos, veggie sandwiches, roasted vegetable "farmer's plates," avocado toast, and even a "vegetarian Moroccan feast for two" complete with hummus, spiced carrot salad, labneh, grilled vegetables, and an olive oil cake. But for patrons who can't live without meat, outside food is allowed as per the venue's policy. However these vegetarian and vegan alternatives sound so good you won't miss meat or dairy!