Morrissey Institutes Strict Vegetarian Concert Policy, Cancels Show Over ‘Cannibalistic Bloodlust’

Morrissey canceled a concert in Iceland over the venue’s refusal to remove meat products from the venue during his show

Morrissey has apparently decided to perform only in venues where meat is not served while he is there. 

Morrissey, the former Smiths member and staunch vegan, has begun instituting a strict no-meat policy at his concert venues, according to the Belfast Telegraph.

Earlier this week, in advance of the singer’s show at the Odyssey Arena in Belfast, scheduled for late March, venue staff reportedly received an email entitled “Morrissey catering stipulation,” which read:  “Hi all. The Morrissey tour have requested that only vegetarian food is permitted within the building during the visit to the Odyssey Arena on Tuesday 24 March 2015.

“All staff and contractors are expected to comply with this.”

According to the Belfast Telegraph, the Odyssey Arena will comply with Morrissey’s requests so that the show can move ahead as scheduled.

In Iceland, however, the same stipulation was rejected by Reykjavik's Harpa concert hall, the site of another scheduled concert, and the singer promptly cancelled the show.


Morrissey told a fan zine called True To You, “I love Iceland and I have waited a long time to return, but I shall leave the Harpa Concert Hall to their cannibalistic flesh-eating bloodlust.”