Make Your Own Beachfront Boardwalk Treats For An End-Of-Summer Bash At Home

Make Your Own Beachfront Boardwalk Treats for an End-of-Summer Bash at Home

Summer is coming to an end, and it's time to throw your last outdoor soirée with friends. If you didn't get a chance make a trip to your favorite beachfront boardwalk this year and indulge in endless amounts of corn dogs, cheeseburgers and churros, bring the food to your backyard. For your end-of-summer party, create a menu that includes your favorite boardwalk treats.

Beasley's Chicken + Honey Fried Chicken

Chef Ashley Christensen, of Beasley's Chicken + Honey in Raleigh, North Carolina, shares her recipe for old-fashioned, Southern fried chicken. Served hot off the stove or chilled in the fridge, this dish is the perfect summertime entree.

Click here for the Beasley's Chicken + Honey Fried Chicken recipe.

Bratwurst Beer-Battered Corn Dogs

This recipe is football-friendly thanks to its beer-infused batter. Try using merguez sausage with truffles next time — it'll be one classy shindig.

Click here for the Bratwurst Beer-Battered Corn Dogs recipe.

'Cheesy' Popcorn

Much like broccoli florets drowning in a creamy dip, this cheesy snack is admittedly not an ideal choice nutritionally speaking, but it is delicious, satisfying, and made with real food, which is more than can be said for its microwaveable counterparts.

Click here for the 'Cheesy' Popcorn recipe.

Chocolate Ice Cream

When you need a simple ice cream recipe to make at home, this is the one. Chocolate is always the way to go when you're looking for something classic.

Click here for Chocolate Ice Cream recipe.


Who doesn't enjoy churros? One of the best snacks at amusement parks, festivals, and carnivals, they're something we can't say no to. Now you can make them at home! Eat them plain or with a cup of hot chocolate for dipping.

Click here for Churros recipe. 

Lemon Italian Ice

This lemon-flavored Italian  ice is a perfect refreshing summer treat, and it turns out that it's surprisingly easy to make at home. Adjust the ratio of sugar to lemon juice based on your sweet and sour preferences.

Click here for Lemon Italian Ice recipe.

Pickled Jalapeño Burger

There's nothing better than tangy pickled jalapeños — except maybe a burger topped with them. This burger gets extra heat from the jalapeños mixed into the beef and the pepper jack cheese melted on top. Make the pickled jalapeños at least a day in advance for the best flavor. 

Click here for Pickled Jalapeño Burger recipe.

Pretzel Roll

Chef Andrew Little of the Sheppard Mansion in Hanover, Pennsylvania, brings us this pretzel roll recipe that's the perfect way to kick off your Oktoberfest celebration, or even just your casual get-together.

Click here for Pretzel Roll recipe.

Shredded Chicken Nachos with Pico de Gallo

Shredded chicken and spicy pico de gallo make these nachos a must-try.

Click here to see the Shredded Chicken Nachos with Pico de Gallo Recipe

Spicy Mango-Pineapple Hot Dogs

Tropical flavors of mango and pineapple, together with a fresh jalapeño sauce, liven up your everyday hot dog.

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