Kylie Jenner Just Had Cereal With Milk For The First Time

Kylie Jenner just broke the internet, and she didn't have to pose naked or pop Champagne to do it. All the newly 21-year-old media personality did was tweet about her first time eating cereal with milk. That's right, Jenner has never had cereal with milk — or as we like to call it, "cereal" — a meal enjoyed by millions of American children every morning at breakfast.

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"Last night I had cereal with milk for the first time. life changing," the beauty mogul tweeted, as if she weren't dropping a major bomb. For the record, they do have cereal in Calabasas.

Her tweet caused so much of an uproar that Jenner felt the need to explain. She has had cereal before, but she was only eating it dry. You know, like a baby who can only eat tiny fistfuls of Cheerios. The reality star said she simply never bothered to put milk in her cereal.

What's that like? We can't relate.

"I always liked cereal dry I never bothered to put milk," she wrote.

Kylie experienced her revelation by enjoying a bowl of Cinnamon Toast Crunch — which, aside from being "the taste you can see," is admittedly quite good dry. But after like two dry handfuls, how was she not cutting up the roof of her mouth? Good thing she found the bravery to add milk and enjoy the full experience. Now she can sip that cinnamon-y milk!

You might think that, as a celebrity, Kylie would enjoy her cereal with trendy oat or almond milk alternative, but the lip kit queen told fans she ate her cereal with just "regular" milk. So, like, 2 percent?

She also told fans that she does cereal first, milk second, when she prepares her cereal in a bowl. This proves that despite the fact that she wasted 21 years on Earth not eating cereal the regular way, she is smart enough to know that only a monster would do milk first.

Although several fans are coming to her defense by saying they too enjoy cereal sans milk, we think they might be bots. But if they're just absolutely wild Kylie-stans, they might just be giving in to the sorta weird diet habits of their favorite celeb.