We Tried Ample Hills' Royal Wedding Ice Cream, And Here's Our Honest Review

When Ample Hills Creamery invited fans to submit an ice cream flavor inspired by the upcoming royal wedding between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, you always knew what flavor was going to win. Though submissions included London- and California-inspired flavors such as Earl Grey tea with cream and a lemon and strawberry scone ice cream with California almonds, the winner was, of course, inspired by the wedding cake. On May 14, Ample Hills released God Save the Cream, a lemon and ginger ice cream with pieces of elderflower-infused Victorian sponge cake and buttercream ice cream mixed in.

And we got to taste it.

God Save the Cream marries the royal family with Meghan Markle's California roots. The ginger part of the ice cream is inspired by Prince Harry's signature red hair, while Markle's noted love of Meyer lemons brings the Cali love to this ice cream. The cake bits, of course, are inspired by the very elderflower cake covered in buttercream that will be served at the couple's elaborate wedding reception.

Simply put, this ice cream is perfect for spring. Though you'll be hard-pressed to find the ginger flavor in the lemon ginger ice cream, the base is light and creamy, which is insanely satisfying as the days get longer and warmer. But for our editors who tasted the ice cream, the best part was far and away the Victoria sponge cake infused with St-Germain elderflower liqueur. The cake was firm enough to keep intact in the ice cream container, but moist enough to melt in your mouth. The flavor of the cake was lightly floral and truly felt regal, but it wasn't so indulgent that we couldn't eat this ice cream all day.

God Save the Cream will appear in Ample Hills Creamery shops just in time for the royal wedding on May 19. But you can also buy it as a part of the Keep Calm and Berry On four-pack online now.

God Save the Cream from Ample Hills isn't the only special product to be released in anticipation of the royal wedding. KFC UK has its own commemorative chicken bucket; Dunkin' Donuts has a heart-shaped chocolate and strawberry doughnut; Harney & Sons has a royal wedding tea blend of white tea, almond, coconut and vanilla. There is also special beer fittingly called the Windsor Knot from Windsor and Eton Brewery. However, you're not likely to actually find these limited edition goods at the royal wedding, nor will you find these 10 other things.

Food samples for review were provided by their producers at no cost to the writer.