6 Best Edible Proposal Ideas, And How They Can Go Wrong

When you've decided that you want to pop the big question to your other half, the eternal dilemma of how best to go about it will consume your life, until you settle on your best option. Will you go down on one knee in front of a spectacular sunset? Will you go on vacation and propose on that sun-drenched sandy beach? Will you go out for a fancy meal and ask the question at a quiet moment, with a glass of Champagne in hand? If you're both food-fanatics, you may want to incorporate your shared love of everything edible into your proposal. Here are some suggestions — and some words of warning about what could go wrong.


If your one true love is a complete caffeine addict, have "Will you marry me?" painted onto the bottom of her mug. Wake up and make her favorite cup of Joe in the morning, and wait until she gets to the end of it to see your hidden proposal. One important warning: You need to make sure she finishes that coffee to avoid the message being missed completely.    


One of most adorable ways to propose is definitely by tucking a diamond ring into the frosting of a cupcake. Package it up in a Tiffany's box for the most Instagram-perfect proposal of the year. Just be sure that your girlfriend is focused on the question at hand, and the seriousness of it, rather than being more interested in taking photos of the stunning gift you've presented to her.

Decorated Dessert

If you're going to pop the question at the end of a fabulous restaurant meal, and have asked the restaurant to pipe the question on to your partner's dessert, then this is likely to be one of the most elegant proposals, which requires little artistic effort on your part. However there are a couple of potential hazards. Firstly, make sure the restaurant staff don't give the game away before you get to dessert, (something which is, admittedly, hard to control, if you have an eager-to-please waiter). Secondly, the fancy writing on desserts can be so extravagant that she could be unable to read it, and consequently ignore it, assuming that it's something not worth reading, and start eating the chocolate without knowing what it said.

Fortune Cookie

Tuck the question into the note hidden inside a fortune cookie. This would be a perfectly romantic proposal, especially for the superstitious future fiancée. The only risk is that she picks the wrong cookie, or accidently bites into the paper, rendering the message illegible.

Ice Cream

Ben and Jerry's will happily customize your tub of ice cream for you, changing the flavor name to read "Will you marry me?" For the gelato fanatic, this would definitely be the best proposal. However, make sure she reads the question, before diving straight into the tub, desperate for a taste of ice cream.


The pizza box proposal is a classic one. But despite being often used, it will still surprise your future fiancée. With pizza proposals, you have two options. Firstly you could write the message on the inside of the lid of the box. With this option, the risk is that the pizza man delivers the wrong box, so it's missing the message, or that the oily pizza has drowned the box so that you can no longer read the message. The second option is to write the message on the pizza, either in hot sauce or pieces of salami, whatever your partner's preference is — just make sure you get the right flavor pizza to avoid any disappointment.