3 Things Your Friends Are Serving You That Are Making You Gain Weight

The calorie count in these holiday favorites might surprise you
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Don’t gain unwanted holiday weight with these foods.

We love going to parties, but we don’t love what they do to our waistlines. As soon as the holiday season hits, more dinner parties and festivities arise making it harder and harder to stick to our diets. We know desserts are fattening, as are creamy dips, but what are those sneaky holiday party classics that contribute to our extra pounds?

Gaining weight is naturally associated with holidays, but you don’t have to gain the pounds you work so hard to keep off. Your friends might not know it, but they’re secretly making you fatter by serving these three items. We give you alternatives to these sneaky holiday treats, so you can stay healthy and still enjoy your favorite foods this season!

Baked Brie and Other Cheese

You’ve done well avoiding the cheesy spinach dip that you know is loaded with carbs, but how bad can the baked Brie be? Just a few slices on some crackers are no big deal, right? Wrong. Just eating one serving of baked Brie is around 60 calories. Assuming you’re having 3-4, that’s already 250 calories of cheese. We all love to snack on cheese plates that our friends put out, but with high levels of cholesterol and fat, you’re better off having just one piece of cheese or dipping some carrots into hummus instead.

Deviled Eggs

Deviled Eggs


Who knew these little treats could be so fattening?

Didn’t think these little devils were packing on the pounds, did you? This popular party appetizer is loaded with fat and cholesterol when you add mayonnaise to the eggs. Though this treat only has 64 calories, 49 of those are from fat, and it’s hard to have just one. Eggs are usually associated with healthy choices, so try replacing the mayonnaise with Greek yogurt to eliminate some of these unnecessary fattening calories.



This holiday favorite is a fat fest. With eggs, sugar, and cream, you’ve already got yourself a high-calorie beverage. Once you add liquor to this sweet, creamy drink, you might as well skip dessert for the night. This beverage is around 344 calories per 8-ounce cup! If you drink two cups, you’ve consumed more than a quarter of a suggested daily calorie intake of 2,000 for women and 2,500 calories for men, respectively, according to the National Health Service, U.K. Try making a healthier Eggnog drink with non-fat milk and vanilla bean.