22 Comforting Casseroles For Your Dinner Party

Casseroles are the perfect dish to serve at a winter dinner party. They're a wonderful comfort food and are so simple to throw together.

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Whether they're filled with hearty vegetables, rich cheese, or slow-cooked meat, casseroles are the ultimate winter dinner. Thrown together into one large dish and left to bubble away in the oven for an hour, these casseroles may look impressive, but they are deceptively easy to prepare.

Perhaps the best thing about serving casseroles at your dinner party is that they free you from those last-minute kitchen stresses. You'll be able to spend the evening out of the kitchen, not panicking about whether the meat is cooked to perfection or whether you've over done the ravioli. Instead, you can trust the heat of the oven to do its work while you relax, talk, and have a glass of wine. You'll seem like the ultimate host as wafts of comforting, delicious smells emanate from the kitchen, getting everyone's stomachs rumbling for the meal ahead. When the dish is ready, why not bring it to the table in its beautiful platter and serve from there? The best kind of dinner party is one served family style.

Ranging from classic chicken pot pie to rich mac and cheese to exotic Mexican lasagna, casseroles cover every occasion and every dietary requirement. You could even do a double casserole meal and bake a simple bread and butter pudding or French toast dessert to make sure your guests leave with the happiest of tummies.