20 Common Household Objects You Really Don’t Need

Simplify your life by throwing away all that unnecessary household clutter
Garlic Press


A knife and a chopping board can cut your garlic up perfectly well.

This week is National Simplify Your Life Week. While this simplification process is obviously broad enough to incorporate every aspect of your life — from your stressful daily routine, to your (lack of) work-life balance, to how to maximize your free time — the easiest place to start is with clearing out the objects that surround you every day.

So, we’ve set about simplifying our own lives this week by really looking at all the things we have in our home and getting rid of all those items often considered “essential,” which we don’t actually need.

20 Common Household Objects You Really Don’t Need (Slideshow)

Now that we all have smartphones (well, the vast majority of us anyway), we can definitely get rid of all those hefty, clunky pieces of technology that we used to rely on so much but are now outdone by our pocket-sized phones. Alarm clocks, CDs, and kitchen timers can all be thrown out to create a less cluttered home. Add to that your unused piles of DVDs (as a result of your much-used Netflix account), a fax machine that you don’t even know how to use anymore, and your home phone line whose number you’ve forgotten, and all of a sudden your home will be feeling much less cluttered, more spacious, and a whole lot calmer.

But there’s more than just the obsolete household objects that you can get rid of. Make your way to the kitchen, and you’ll discover a treasure trove of abandoned — or at least unnecessary — tools and gadgets. Look at all those items you bought thinking they would change your life and save you so much time, only to discover that, in reality, a simple knife, a chopping board, your oven, and a cast iron skillet can do the job just as well. Say “goodbye” to the garlic press, spoon rest, and microwave, and “hello” to more counter space, an emptier kitchen, and a whole lot more room to actually cook.

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