14 Tips for Hosting Brunch on a Budget

Skip the smoked salmon, but use all the eggs: Hosting brunch doesn’t have to be expensive
Infused Water


Swap the fruit juices and smoothies for fruit-infused water.

Going out for brunch means long lines, slow service, overpriced pancakes, and expensive cocktails.

So, in the interest of saving money, and being able to enjoy a much more relaxed, laid-back start to the day, we have taken to hosting our brunch get-togethers in our own homes. However, hosting brunch doesn’t always come cheap: Smoked salmon and DIY cocktails aren’t exactly the most affordable items at the grocery store. Thankfully, we have collected our top tips, recipes, and styling tricks to help you host brunch without blowing your weekend budget.

14 Tips for Hosting Brunch on a Budget (Slideshow)

You obviously don’t want your brunch party to look cheap, so we’ve got some tips to help you convince your guests that you really are spoiling them, even though you haven’t emptied your bank account in the process. As long as your table looks full of food (even if it’s the same dishes split between multiple different bowls), you have a great playlist humming in the background, and there are coffee and cocktails being poured, your guests will have no idea that you haven’t gone all out to host this late-morning meal for them.

For a budget brunch, eggs and carbohydrates are your friend, and luckily these two affordable things can come together to make some of the most delicious dishes: French toast, pancakes, and scrambled eggs are all perfect to serve at an affordable brunch party. Obviously, juices and smoothies will immediately make this an expensive affair, so swap them for infused waters, endless coffee, and simple, big-batch cocktails. The perfect weekend brunch has never been easier, more affordable, or, honestly, any more delicious. No one will ever notice the lack of Champagne and wild strawberries.

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