14 Habits Of The Worst-Ever Wedding Guests

14 Habits of the Worst-Ever Wedding Guests

With wedding season well and truly upon us, the brides and grooms are hurriedly finalizing the last details of their big day: They're nervous, stressed, and incredibly excited about sharing this major life event with you and all their other guests. However, they won't be so thrilled that they invited you to this special occasion when you (unintentionally, we're sure) behave like one of the worst ever wedding guests. Avoid these 14 habits to make sure you're not the most hated wedding guest, who comes close to ruining this couple's special day.

Arriving With an Uninvited Plus One

A wedding's guest list is always a carefully curated document. Every guest invited has been considered carefully — there are no gratuitous invitations. Therefore, turning up with an uninvited plus one will always mess up many parts of the day's plans, including the incredibly delicate seating arrangement.

Asking for Details on the Day

The wedding day is a stressful day for both the bride and the groom. They're excited, yes, but also nervous and crazily busy. Calling them the morning to confirm the times and address of the ceremony implies that you don't really care about the wedding because you hadn't checked the small print of the invitation until now, but also occupies the couple when they really don't have time to spare.

Changing Your RSVP

If you suddenly get invited on an exotic holiday, which leads you to change your RSVP a couple of weeks before the wedding date, you are throwing all the planning that has been done up to that point out of sync. Unless it's an absolute emergency, commit to the RSVP you gave originally: The bride may never forgive you otherwise.

Drinking Too Much

Yes, there's an open bar filled with wine, beer, spirits, and your favorite cocktails, but don't drink more than you can handle. No one, especially the bride and groom, appreciates the guest who drank too much and spent the evening behaving obnoxiously and embarrassingly as a result.

Fictional Allergies

Planning a wedding is incredibly tricky business, and deciding what food to serve is one of the hardest parts. It's therefore not useful if the guests claim they have allergies to food they just don't like, or would rather not eat. Allergies are serious, but your food preferences are not. Don't make the wedding dinner more challenging for the bride, groom, wait staff, and catering company than it already is.

Hitting on Wait Staff

A wedding is never the right place to try to hook up with any pretty waitress. Behave yourself and focus your attention on the newlyweds, not on the beautiful girl who served you your cocktail earlier. It's likely she's not interested in another creeping wedding guest anyway.

Hooking Up With Guests

Maybe you and the bride's cousin really hit it off over dinner, and, after a couple of cocktails, you spend some time together on the dance floor. But leave it at dancing. If you want her number, ask for it. Don't start making out in front of everybody: That's not a sight that anyone wants to see.

Not RSVP’ing on Time

There is a deadline set for your RSVP for a reason. So much of the wedding is based on the number of people attending, and this can't be known if not everyone RSVPs on time. Don't forget, and don't delay. Make up your mind about whether you can attend or not, and RSVP as soon as possible.

Requesting All the Songs

You may not approve of the songs the DJ is spinning, but, if other guests and the bride and groom are enjoying them, don't butt in. Just because you think you can improve the evening by putting in endless requests for your favorite songs, doesn't mean you should. The bride and groom probably disagree.

Sharing Bad Photos

We know that you want to tell the world that you're having the best time at your friend's beautiful wedding, but if your photo of the newlyweds isn't the prettiest, don't share it. There's a professional photographer there for a reason — no one wants to wake up the morning after their wedding to find terrible photos of themselves all over Facebook.

Showing up Late

The ceremony doesn't have a flexible start time, and it won't wait for you to arrive before beginning. Get there early, and if you're late, maybe skip the ceremony entirely to avoid making a noisy entrance at a quiet and important moment.    

Stealing the Limelight

If you love being the center of attention, being the guest at a wedding may be challenging for you. You need to accept that it's the bride and groom's day, so they will be getting all the attention. Don't do something over the top to try and steal their attention, such as proposing to your significant other, which, tragically, has been done numerous times.

Terrible Toast

If you're giving a toast at a wedding, make sure you know what you're saying before you begin, and also make sure that it's grandma-appropriate. The toast should contain funny stories, nostalgic memories, and heartfelt love. It should not contain cringe-worthy tales of the groom's escapades that nobody, and especially the groom, wants repeated on his wedding day.

Wearing White

If it's a summer wedding and your favorite dress is a beautiful lace white number, don't be tempted to put it on. Even if you put on a white gown with no intention of stealing any attention away from the bride, you always will be. Just choose a different color for this one day. And no, cream isn't OK either.