12 Best Summer Slow-Cooker Breakfasts for Long, Lazy Mornings

Use your slow-cooker for more than just winter soups and stews
Granola Bar


You can even make granola bars in your slow-cooker.

During the summer months, we tend to abandon our slow-cookers. It sits on the kitchen counter gathering dust, reminding us of the colder days when we slurped on soups and stews rather than blasting the air conditioning and eating nothing but ice cream. But there’s no reason to so rudely ignore your Crock-Pot — it’s capable of doing so much more than just making a rich chicken stew. It’s time to give that essential piece of kitchen equipment some love, and allow it to transform your weekend mornings into long, lazy, relaxed affairs.

12 Best Summer Slow-Cooker Breakfasts for Long, Lazy Mornings (Slideshow)

We know that cooking your morning eggs in a slow-cooker may not seem like a normal or sensible thing to do, but try it: We’re sure you’ll be impressed with the results. Whether you want to make a summer vegetable-filled frittata or spicy, cheesy Mexican huevos rancheros, turn on your slow-cooker, add all your ingredients, and allow them to simmer together until the flavors have melded with one another and the perfect texture has been achieved.

If you have a sweeter tooth and want your morning meal to contain at least a hint of sugar and fresh fruit, then make sure you try the super simple slow-cooker banana bread and the bubbling blueberry cobbler. They’re both perfect for those summer mornings when you need something a little more indulgent to accompany your iced coffee. These decadent, sweet dishes are wonderful when served with fresh summer fruit, which requires absolutely no preparation at all, so you really can just roll out of bed, straight into a delicious, sunshine-filled breakfast, without having to even turn the oven on.


If you’re preparing a romantic breakfast for two, a lazy weekend breakfast for the whole family, or are entertaining friends on a sunny Sunday morning, make your hosting role totally stress-free by cooking one of these summer-perfect, slow-cooker breakfast dishes.