11 Hilarious Wedding Cake Toppers

11 Hilarious Wedding Cake Toppers

Traditional wedding cake toppers, delicately designed to look like miniature versions of the bride and groom, are gradually disappearing from the top tiers of our wedding cakes. They're being replaced with fresh flowers, with handmade paper bunting, and with oversized initials of the bride and groom. It seems a shame that the modern wedding is moving away from these figurines, especially as they have the potential to be the source of so much laughter on the wedding day. Don't hold back from adding some comedy to your wedding: Here are the 11 most hilarious wedding cake toppers for your cake decoration consideration.

Caught Him

For the wannabe cowgirl who finally tied the knot with the man of her dreams, this cake topper celebrates her perfect catch. As the bride smoothly catches and ropes in the groom, we can all see who the instigator of this wedding day really was.

Fairytale Ending

This is the ideal cake decoration for that bride who is still dreaming of a fairytale romance. For every bride who hopes that when she kisses the groom at the altar, he will transform into Prince Charming, this hilarious wedding cake topper will bring her childhood dreams to life.

Game Over

This is definitely the cake topper to choose for the man who loves his video games, and the wife who really, really doesn't. Marriage will definitely be the end of this man's lazy weekends spent in front of the big screen with bags of chips and bottles of beer.

Gone Fishing

If this relationship and ensuing wedding has been a long time in the making, this wedding cake topper showing the bride reeling in the groom, is wonderfully suitable. By the time the couple gets to the point of cutting the cake together, it's time to admit that, after a long, long time, the bride has finally caught her groom, hook, line, and sinker.

Hashtag Just Married

We all know that couple who document their whole lives on social media for the world to see. That couple whose romantic Instagram postsSnapchat videos showing every detail of their life, and sappy Facebook messages we all have to put up with day-in, day-out. A wedding cake topper depicting the bride and groom celebrating their big day by sharing the #JustMarried news with the rest of the world who they didn't invite to their wedding, is a hilariously realistic depiction of so many couples.

Horsing Around

You've just got married — now it's time to stop horsing around. Except, this wedding cake topper implies that that might not be completely true. For the couple who considers marriage to be a serious, lifelong commitment that, however, won't stop them from continuing to use terrible puns, this is the perfect wedding cake decoration.

Partied Too Hard

For the wild party animal couple who will definitely drink too many glasses of Champagne and end their big day passed out, bottle in hand, these drunken wedding cake toppers couldn't be more fitting.

Peas in a Pod

For that inseparable couple who never ever leave each other's side, and always finish each other's sentences, there's no cuter way of showing this complete interdependence than by adorning their wedding cake with this adorable peas in a pod cake topper.

Runaway Bride

Your wedding day is a nerve-racking one: After months of planning and preparation, you're making a lifelong commitment, in front of many people. No matter how certain you are that you're doing the right thing, you're likely to get at least a brief moment of cold feet on the big day. This runaway bride cake topper will make light of the scary potential that one of you may not ever make it to the ceremony.

‘Til Death Do Us Part

The solemn words of "'til death do us part," which are uttered during the wedding ceremony, always seem a rather morbid moment in the midst of a celebratory wedding day. This skeletal married couple sitting atop the wedding cake will make the newlyweds realize what they really just signed themselves up for.

Under Ball and Chain

We all know who sets the rules and boundaries in that relationship. For every bossy bride, this wedding cake topper will approach the sensitive subject of who wears the trousers in this relationship in a light-hearted, comical way.