10 Simple and Healthy Weeknight Dinners the Kids Will Love

These quick and nutritious recipes will help you avoid turning to that box of mac and cheese once again


A bowl of pasta tossed with a tuna and tomato sauce makes a quick, healthy, and filling dinner.

When you’re short on time, short on inspiration, and short on energy, cooking up a healthy, balanced, and tasty meal for the kids on a weeknight can seem like an impossible task. But you don’t need to resort to ordering takeout, opening that box of mac and cheese, or defrosting a frozen dinner. These 10 simple and healthy recipes are here to help you out when you need them most.

10 Simple and Healthy Weeknight Dinners the Kids Will Love (Slideshow)

Obviously everyone wants to feed his or her kids healthy, nutritious meals, but making a balanced dinner from scratch tends to require a considerable amount of effort. When the little ones start complaining about hunger, and you know that you need to have dinner on the table within 30 minutes, there’s no need to just microwave frozen lasagna. Instead, make one of these dishes – which will hardly take you any time at all – and which are also tasty and sophisticated enough to serve as dinner for you, too.


We’re not suggesting that you just give your kids a plate of raw vegetables — we know that you’re not going to be a popular parent if you do that — but instead cook one of these simple, healthy meals that will sneak some vegetables past the kids in a meal they’ll actually enjoy. From an easy vegetable frittata to shrimp fried rice to pesto-stuffed chicken breasts, there are so many options when it comes to cooking your kids a quick, easy, nutritious weeknight meal.