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These Are the World’s Freakiest Milkshakes

These “freakshakes” are completely out of control

There are few better (or more fun) ways to cool down on a hot day than by indulging in a milkshake. Sweet, creamy, and (admit it) super-unhealthy, milkshakes are pretty much impossible to dislike. But over the past few years milkshakes have begun to morph into enormous, completely gut-busting monstrosities, and shops and restaurants around the world have begun to catch onto the trend.

These Are the World’s Freakiest Milkshakes (Slideshow)

Conjure up an image of a milkshake in your mind and you’ll probably end up with a cup filled up with blended milk and ice cream, with a straw or spoon poking out of it. And for all intents and purposes, that’s what a milkshake is, and what a milkshake should be. But we’re living in crazy times, my friends, and if there’s the opportunity to take a well-known food or drink item and pile as much other stuff on it as possible, someone’s going to do it (case in point: bloody Marys).

It might have something to do with the fact that a certain subset of people nowadays seem more interested in Instagramming their food than actually eating it (seriously, some of these milkshakes look delicious but not exactly edible, if that makes any sense), or it might just be the fact that when one person gets a good idea, copycats tend to quickly follow. Whatever the reason, milkshakes have gotten completely ridiculous — dare we say freaky — recently, and these 15 places are serving the freakiest ones on earth.

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