Kinder Surprise

Wikimedia Commons / Mysid / CC0 1.0

5-Year-Old Finds Something Quite Unexpected in a Kinder Surprise Egg

Yellow plastic shell, which normally holds a toy, was filled with crystal meth instead

The Kinder Surprise lived up to its name in an unexpected way when a five-year-old boy in Belfast, Northern Ireland, found a bag of meth inside of a yellow plastic shell that normally holds a toy.

The boy found the egg when playing with his brother outside, spotting the plastic egg in a hedge. Upon opening the egg they found a “small sealed plastic bag” filled with white powder, reports Daily Star. The boys handed over the bag to their father, who gave it to the police, which confirmed that the contents of the bag was methamphetamine.

Limavady DUP councilor Alan Robinson said that it was lucky the children did not consume the contents of the egg. He adds, “As a father of a child, I know how enticing Kinder eggs and their contents are to children. In this instance the children are to be commended for passing the contents to their parents. This weekend the Limavady community could have been learning about a tragedy and I therefore make a community appeal asking for vigilance.”

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