Pumpkin Spice Pizza Exists And We Don't Know How To Feel

Every autumn, pumpkin spice products blow in from every which-way, whether we like it or not. This year, an unusual number of oddball items barraged us like a cinnamon-nutmeg flash mob — bath bombs, fidget spinners, and deodorant — on top of other haunting pumpkin spice goods we already have, like cheese, margarine, and sausage. What's next? Back in my day, we got our fill from Starbucks lattes. But now, Italian food-loving fall fanatics: Say hello to pumpkin spice pizza.

Vice's Munchies reports that New Jersey-based Villa Italian Kitchen "is to blame for this." It's the same restaurant that was responsible for the calorie-free "alternative facts" pizza, named after a term coined by counselor to the president Kellyanne Conway.

Villa's new seasonal pie combines traditional pizza dough topped with pumpkin pie filling covered in mozzarella. After the pie is baked, it's then covered with more pumpkin pie filling, because why not?

"Pumpkin spice is undeniably the most popular flavor of fall. As such, we wanted to slice up our piece of the pie," Villa Italian Kitchen spokesperson Brian Lowe told Munchies. "We thought, what could be better than combining the popularity of Pumpkin Spice with pizza?"

We could probably think of a few things. Here are 10 other times pumpkin spice went too far.