pumpkin pie

The Internet Made Pumpkin Pie Fidget Spinners, Because Why Not?

Reduce your anxiety and get your pumpkin fix all at once
pumpkin pie

PopSugar invented an easy-to-make pumpkin pie fidget spinner to kick off the fall season.

PopSugar has created a fully functioning pumpkin pie fidget spinner and shared the recipe online.

With autumn fast approaching and the teen trend of anxiety-reducing, attention-focusing fidget spinners dying out, the internet needed a pumpkin revamp of the toy to get everyone excited for fall.

These fidget spinners are twice as nice as anything pumpkin spice. Not only can you eat these mini pies, but you can spin them just like real fidget spinners — at least until they fall apart.

The easy recipe is made with pie dough, pumpkin pie filling, coconut oil, mini breadsticks, melted caramel, and whipped cream; the website provides detailed assembly instructions.

This is hardly the first time we’ve seen a fidget spinner made out of food. The PopSugar kitchen has already invented versions of the popular toy made out of Oreo and another made out of pizza, and earlier this year a Dallas bakery made a fidget spinner out of colorfully frosted cookies.


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