McDonald's Is Giving Away A $12,500 Gold 'Bling Mac' Ring

McDonald's recently announced the rerelease of the Mac Jr. and Grand Mac — two variations of the Big Mac that allow customers to choose more or less of the iconic burger. Now, with Valentine's Day right around the corner, the chain is giving one lucky lovebird even more Mac.

The "Bling Mac" is an 18-karat-gold, stackable ring with seven different tiers built with premium gems representing the burger's ingredients, including two sparkling all-beef patties made with Champagne diamonds and a special sauce composed of orange sapphires.

The one-of-a-kind ring made by fine jewelry designer Nadine Ghosn arrives in a protective case created to look like a McDonald's paper clamshell container.

But it's not for sale. For a chance to win the $12,500 fashion piece, all you have to do is tweet @McDonald's using #BlingMacContest to profess your love for Mac sandwiches any time starting February 7 through February 14. The person with the most creative and comedic vow gets to immortalize the ring on his or her finger forever.

This isn't the first time the Golden Arches has gifted golden bling. Last year, the chain awarded free soft serve for life to one lucky recipient of a limited-edition gold cone. In Japan, customers frenzied over snapping the perfect picture to win a special "Gold McFry Potato." They also announced that the person able to track down an alleged thief would be rewarded with an 18-karat-gold chicken nugget.

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