McDonald’s Japan Has Customers Snapping Creative Fry Pictures for a Chance to Win Golden Fries

Photo contest is all about the ‘McFry Potato,’ or McDonald’s Fries
Golden Fries

McDonald’s Japan

Each entry gives fans an opportunity to win a special ‘Gold McFry Potato.’

A new photography campaign for McDonald’s Japan is all about McDonald’s Fries, or the “McFry Potato,” as it is called in Japan. It challenges customers to take creative “fry” photos using a special app that adds a McDonald’s Fries carton into the frame, reports Rocket News 24.

The “fries” can be anything that even vaguely reminds you of McDonald’s Fries, from a bunch of yellow umbrellas to the blonde hair of an anime character. Once you have the red packaging perfectly lined up, you can snap the photo, add a filter, and share the image on Twitter with a hashtag that translates to #potetori.

Potetori translates to “potato-taking,” playing on the word tori (to take), which can mean taking an item, such as a French fry, or taking a photograph.

At stake in this fry-snapping madness is a chance to win a special “Gold McFry Potato.” Little exact details are known, and we are only left with an illustration, but perhaps the mystery makes customers want the prize even more.

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