KFC Made Miniature Fried Chicken And The Video Is Mesmerizing

Over the last few years, miniature cooking segments have become all the rage. (You know, when adult hands use tiny cookware and miniature appliances to make teensy-weensy food they sometimes feed to hamsters.) KFC recently made a video of its own to show how its $5 Fill Up Box is prepared at one-twelfth its normal size.

The video begins in a tidy kitchen where a seemingly gargantuan hand coats chicken bits in breading flour and 11 herbs and spices using tongs the size of a bobby pin. Once those are in the fryer, monster hands dollop mashed potatoes and gravy into a Rolo-sized bowl that's then placed into a minute $5 Fill Up Box with a baby biscuit, chocolate chip cookie, fried chicken, and even a thimble-esque cup of Dr. Pepper.

The video will be brought to life at the grand opening of the world's smallest KFC restaurant in Portland, Maine, for one day only on December 16. When customers open the doors of the mini KFC, they'll be greeted by a pair of hands who will "happily take their order" and deliver the mini $5 Fill Up Box — for free.

"We're always considering new ways to use innovation and technology to do out-of-the-box things that have become 'on brand' for us. The mini foods video is a sharable way to show how our famous Original Recipe fried chicken is prepared the hard (and mini) way," George Felix, KFC U.S. director of advertising, told The Daily Meal. "To bring it to life and make it authentic, we decided to open the world's smallest KFC, offering up a unique experience for fans."

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