If You're Not Dunking Your Potato Chips In Ketchup, You Should Be

Here's a question for you: Why aren't we dunking our potato chips in ketchup? The most likely answer is the fact that it never occurred to us. Well consider this a wake-up call: The next time you pile some potato chips on your plate during a summer cookout, squirt some ketchup on the side and dunk away.

Potato chips, after all, are essentially the same exact food as French fries, which as we know are ketchup's best friend. It's already been established that ketchup and fried potatoes are a match made in heaven, so the next logical step is finding different types of fried potatoes — i.e. potato chips — to pair with ketchup.

Believe it or not, our neighbors to the north are ahead of the curve on this one. Ketchup chips have been one of Canada's unofficial national foods since the 1980s, and the red chips are absolutely beloved there. Arguably the best ketchup chips are made by Lay's, and even though they're wildly popular in the Great White North, they're not even sold in the U.S. Thankfully, Pringles recently began rolling out their ketchup-flavored chips in limited American markets, and after trying some we can safely say that they're downright delicious.

Even if they're just coated in ketchup-flavored dust, chips with any semblance of ketchup on them will taste better than if you just ate them plain. So dunk your next chip into a little bit of ketchup. We guarantee you won't be disappointed. For a taste test of the best ketchup brands on the market, click here