Greenmarket Brunch

Ben Kaufman

Farm-to-Table Meets New York City At Geoffrey Zakarian’s Greenmarket Brunch

Hundreds of people gathered for a delicious and organic brunch for the New York City Wine and Food Festival

Part of the New York City Wine and Food Festival, the Greenmarket Brunch was an impressive and special event. Presented by Lifeway Foods and Delta Airlines, and hosted by Geoffrey Zakarian, this event brought made the farm-to-table restaurant a unique experience.

Crowds of people from across the country came to experience some of the delicious foods from New York’s best chefs. People were waiting for over 20 minutes in line to get a sample of some dishes they have never experienced before.

greenmarket brunch

Ben Kaufman

After being greeted by a welcome drink, and having Zakarian welcome and thank everyone for attending, people rushed to each line in anticipation for the delicious food they were about to eat.

Every chef prepared a special farm-to-table dish that was definitely different than what most people were used to.

Here’s a little taste of the foods presented at this event.

Located in the center of the hall was The Lamb’s Club, a Zakarian restaurant you need to try when you visit New York City. They prepared an appetizing salmon-based dish. The mountain sweet berry beet cured gravlax was served over a slaw of brussels sprouts, heirloom snow peas, and mustard, and came together for an amazing combination that everyone wanted to try.

greenmarket brunch

Ben Kaufman

The National Bar & Dining Rooms, another great Zakarian restaurant, prepared multiple dishes for everyone to try. They made amazing mitzu apple muffins, rye griddle cake, a bosc pear and upstate camembert parfait, and winesap apple-sunflower bread. Judging by the positive response everyone had, and getting a sample of it myself, they surely did not disappoint.

The Brennan Hospitality Group, another New York City-based company, prepared a delicious egg dish that you’ve never experienced before. They made farm egg mousseline, topped with wild pheasant sausage and crispy Brussels sprouts. It was truly something you have never experience before.

Jesse Schenker of The Gander and Recette prepared a delicious dish that most people there had never experienced before. He prepared duck eggs with smoked hen of the woods mushrooms, cracked pepper, percorino, and lemon. I had never had duck egg before, and this first time has made me hungry for more.

All in all, this was a great event that emphasized the importance (and tastiness) of organic foods in New York City.

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